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>> Οργανωμένες Εκδρομές - Πακέτα<<

Ισραήλ και Παλαιστίνη


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Εκδρομές - Πακέτα

 Τελ Αβίβ

Ισραήλ και Παλαιστίνη

Πατήστε εδώ για να δείτε τις αναχωρήσεις για τον προορισμό (Ισραήλ και Παλαιστίνη)



They don't come any holier than this. Jews, Muslims, Christians: all three hold Jerusalem sacred. Of course, most people come to Jerusalem to immerse themselves in the people and places of its holy history, but try to remember that Jerusalem is also a modern city, full of living, breathing people.

The city is divided into three parts: the walled Old City, where most of the sights are; the predominantly Arab East Jerusalem; and the rapidly expanding new city, known as West Jerusalem. The Old City is also divided, into Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim quarters.

Bethlehem is a cynic's delight, with Manger Square, Manger St, Star St, Shepherds' St, two Shepherds' Fields and an unheavenly host of 'Christmases'. If you've got even the remotest Christian background, you'll likely end up here. Bethlehem is built around Manger Square and the town carpark.

The Church of the Nativity is the raison d'être of this holy town, and is one of the world's oldest working churches. Built over the spot where Jesus is said to have been born, it's a suitably august and venerable piece of architecture.

Serious Bible territory, this is where Jesus did most of his preaching as well as a spot of water walking and some fish multiplying. It's also Israel's lushest region, with green valleys, verdant forests, fertile farmland and the Sea of Galilee.

Nazareth, Jesus' childhood home, is a popular destination for pilgrims, but not much chop for the casual visitor. Although there are some important churches here, such as the Basilica of the Annunciation where the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, the town itself has seen better days.

Tel Aviv
Less than a century old, Tel Aviv is about finance, business and fun - it's pretty hard to compete with Jerusalem's three millennia of history, so Tel Aviv doesn't even try. Nearly everyone who lives here came from somewhere else, a short walk through the city will uncover this diverse cultural mix.

From the spicy orientalism of the Yemenite Quarter, the seedy vodka cafes of Allenby St and the Miami chic of pastel pink beachfront condos, Tel Aviv isn't big on historical wonders, but if you've been to Jerusalem you've probably had a gutful anyway.

The Dead Sea
It may be clichéd, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. No trip to Israel is complete without a float in the Dead Sea. You'll be doing your body a favour as the water is packed full of invigorating minerals and there's 10% more oxygen in the air here than at sea level.

The area around the Dead Sea has plenty to keep you entertained once you've floated to your heart's content. Ein Gedi is one of the country's most attractive oases, a lush area of freshwater springs, waterfalls, pools and tropical vegetation and a haven for desert wildlife.


Σημείωση: Προσπαθούμε να κρατήσουμε την ιστοσελίδα μας ενημερωμένη. Οι πληροφορίες προσφέρονται όπως είναι ("as is") και η εταιρεία δεν αναλαμβάνει ευθύνες για κάθε απώλεια πραγμάτων, βλάβες, παρεξηγήσεις και ταλαιπωρία μεμονωμένων ταξιδιωτών που μπορεί να προκύψει λόγο των πληροφοριών αυτών. Αν ταξιδεύετε μόνοι σας, θα πρέπει να επιβεβαιώνετε τις σημαντικές πληροφορίες όπως έκδοση βίζας, ασφάλεια και υγεία, τελωνεία και μεταφορές.

DAYRISE Holidays αναλαμβάνει ευθύνες εκτέλεσης εκδρομών όπως ακριβώς αναφέρονται στα προγράμματά μας. Καθώς επίσης να σας ενημερώσει για όλα τα απαραίτητα έγγραφα, αλλά και να αναλάβει την έκδοσή των.


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